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Future Mobility Challenge

The Future Mobility Challenge is proudly sponsored by the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) in collaboration with Invest WindsorEssex's Regional Technology Development Site (WE RTDS) and WEtech Alliance. This esteemed challenge is set to encompass a range of challenges pertaining to automobility. Participants will have the opportunity to compete for thousands of dollars by participating in the challenge.


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Important Dates:

Challenge launch: September 9, 2024

Challenge submission deadline: November 22, 2024


​To be eligible, individuals must be enrolled in an academic institution within Ontario. Winners of all levels of the challenges will be asked to provide proof of enrolment. 


​Students must work individually on this challenge. It is imperative that all work submitted by the students remains entirely original and has not been previously completed or utilized for any other purpose, including participation in other challenges, hackathons or completion of academic assignments.

Auto Virtual Reality

About Us

The Regional Technology Development Sites (RTDS) support SMEs to develop, test and prototype their advanced automotive technologies and smart mobility solutions and tap into specific advice, expertise and knowledge around key focus areas for the sector. There are seven RTDS located throughout Ontario. Each regional site focuses on a unique aspect of the automotive and smart mobility sector, such as hardware, security, data analytics and more. 

The Windsor-Essex Regional Technology Development Site (WE RTDS) is one of seven RTDS funded by the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) and the Ontario Center for Innovation (OCI). The WE RTDS provides free programs and services to companies working in automobility. The services range from products and software, to assistance with R&D, business development and mentorship. The WE RTDS site specializes in advanced simulation, virtual reality and automotive cybersecurity.   

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